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Introducing Cycl

New life & love for fashion, people and planet

New life & love

We believe the best way to respect the earth’s resources is not to produce more clothing but to give new life to garments that already exist.

We’ve built Cycl to ensure pre-loved apparel items can be loved many times over. Our goal is to extend the life and love-cycle of existing garments.

For Fashion

About Cycl

We love fashion! The joy of self-expression in covering the human body has been part of all cultures since the earliest time. Celebrating beauty, individuality, identity, art, and style is part of our DNA.

By selling or wearing just one pre-owned fashion piece, you offset:

21kg of C02 emissions
87 litres of water
2kg of textile waste

For People

Our tribe is a community that shares a love for fashion and a heart for our planet. Fueled by a desire to connect with and support others in the pursuit of individual style and sustainable lifestyle.

Our values

Cycl platform for luxury fashion, connecting creators, curators and consumers.



We encourage a sense of belonging and the liberty to love and wear whatever you want



Our goal is to pre-empt the needs of our members and remove any observable friction to utilise clothing better or play with fashion.

Save wardrobe space


We exist for our community’s clothing love and respect for the planet, not fashion fads or brands.

Wear more and spend less

Resource respect

We make it easy to care for clothing and extend clothing items' life

Wear more and spend less


We test and adapt our services to ensure that we are making it easy to improve upon the utilisation. We will co-create new features with our members and respond to feedback when we need to do better..

Our Goal

Our goal is to bring all the things you love about sustainable fashion into one destination, creating opportunities through our online community for you to find easily, buy, sell, rent, style, advise, share and connect with your fashion tribe.

We want to create a service that you will love and find forever useful, and we want to build it with you.

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